CCA fashion retrospective: 2001 Charina Cabanayan
CCA retrospective illustration: 2000 Alnea Miskv
CCA retrospective: 2012 Lauren Levin
CCA retrospective: 2012 James Zormeir
CCA retrospective: 2012 Annie McCourt Gullingsrud
CCA retrospective: 2013 Cher Du
CCA retrospective: 2013 Lei Dong
back drama: SAVE the DATE
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REsponsbly: MaeNoel + Basil tote
REsponsbly: StudyNY + Mainline + Bryr
REsponsbly: StudyNY + Made & Crafted + Freda Salvador
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Fashion's Dynamic Publishing Duo
Summertime: stripe and pleat awstudio
Summertime: stripe: awstudio
Mohair/wool cardigan: awstudio
Mohair/wool rib mix: awstudio
Mohair/wool jaquard/tuck: awstudio
Sweater development: project m
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